Angelo J. Morinello

Retired Judge Angelo J. Morinello, a life long resident of Western New York, is currently running for the privilege to represent the 145th District of the New York State Assembly.

Judge Morinello recognizes the importance of qualifications, experience and life lessons as necessary requisites to represent the residents of the 145th district in Albany.  Through his education, work experience as a lawyer and judge, and as a community resident, he understands what it takes to be a representative in Albany.

One of the greatest life lessons he experienced was during his tour of duty as a combat soldier in Vietnam.  Facing the horrors of war first hand prepared him to face the challenges of life.  This experience made him a stronger person.

As a judge, he witnessed the terrible impact of drugs and family violence, especially on our youth, which must be brought to Albany to be dealt with.

Judge Morinello believes in the need for jobs, but feels that we need to be focused on implementing workforce development programs to prepare our youth for those head-of-household positions currently available.

His diverse background in law, the judiciary and every day life experiences will afford the citizens of the 145th District with a strong and skilled representative in Albany who can address the important issues.

Judge Morinello is ready to address the culture of corruption that is Albany and understands the need for change.  Throughout his legal and judicial career, he has been guided by the strictest ethical standards and is ready to question the lack of structured standards in the legislature.